Interactive museum visit with tasting

Visit us and let yourself be motivated by the experience!

Vinegar tasting

In our show shop, a tasting experience awaits all our visitors! During the tasting, we will drip the delicious vinegars onto the spoon with a pipette. Experience the fantastic harmony of different flavours, as the acidity of the vinegar blends into the intense world of the fruit.

Vinegar exhibition

A unique vinegar museum with a display of wine and vinegar making tools, a collection of the world’s vinegars, videos, articles and recipes! Watch our professional short film to learn about the history, technology and physiological benefits of vinegars.

Hungary's only vinegar museum

The Acetania Vinegar Museum was founded by the Wine and Fruit Vinegar Producers’ Association. The aim of bringing back to the present the values of the Hungarian wine and fruit vinegar tradition, which was interrupted in the last century. We would like to present this ancient craft, its origins, its scientific and cultural background and the vinegar-making processes.

Our museum is located in the cellar of the Wine Vinegar Works in Bodrogkeresztur. In addition to its unique atmosphere, will not only contribute to the broadening of our gastronomic knowledge, but will also offer a taste experience for visitors to the Tokaj Hills villages, giving a more complete picture of the heritage of the landscape.

We will show the diversity of vinegars and the richness of their uses.

Visitors can taste the products with feeling the delicacies of the different fruity flavours!

The tasting prices include the tasting line indicated here and admission to the vinegar museum:

BASIC TASTING – 5 types of vinegar tasting – 3 euros/person

Unfiltered apple cider vinegar, Apple balsamic vinegar, Rosehip, Raspberry, Pear and Lavender balsamic vinegar

MEDIUM TASTING – 7 types of vinegar tasting – 3,5 euros/person

Late harvested grape vinegar, Aszú balsamic vinegar, Apple balsamic vinegar, Quince balsamic vinegar – Strawberry-lemongrass, Blueberry-violet, Apricot- elderberry balsamic vinegar

PREMIUM TASTING – 9 vinegar tasting – 4 euros/person

Noble Vinegar, Aszú Balsamic Vinegar, Rosehip, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Green Herb, Pear-Lavender, Blueberry-Vinegar, Sour cherry-mint Balsamic Vinegar


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