BIO Organic Apple vinegar 100ml

1690 Ft

The raw material is the pressed juice of apples selected from organic farms, vinified by biological fermentation.

 for salads

for soup, vegetables

 for meats, marinates

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Recommended use:

Our organic apple cider vinegar with its intense, juicy flavour is an excellent addition to our salads. It’s delicious on its own, drizzled over salads, but you can also make a vinaigrette with olive oil or your favourite cold-pressed oil, mixed with salt and pepper to taste, to make a delicious dressing.

Flavour your favourite soup or stew with a tablespoon of cider vinegar. With its silky, slightly sweet flavour, but also its strong acidity, it is the perfect addition to any classic sour dish.

Feel free to mix it into an oily meat marinade and leave it to rest for an hour or two. Then fry it in a pan or oven, the vinegar will make the result much softer and more tender.


The product contains no preservatives, flavourings or flavour enhancers.

Ingredients: organic apple cider vinegar 100%

Excellent choice for diets, dieting and weight loss due to its excellent physiological effects. Many people choose it for the distinctive flavour it lends to salads. It is also recommended for people with blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure problems, and can be a good complement to other treatments, and should be consumed as a course, 20ml per day, in water.

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