Rosehip fruit vinegar, 1 monthly dose

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Unfiltered rosehip fruit juice with rich fruit content, live vinegar bacteria culture, added vitamin C, 1 monthly dose (4x175ml)

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Recommended use:
As a refreshing, health-promoting drink, mix the daily dose indicated on the side of the bottle in 3-5 dl of water and consume between meals during the day. One bottle contains one weekly dose.
Just a few drops can help your body to recover from a long winter that has taken its toll on both body and soul. What’s more, thanks to the countless minerals in rosehips, our immune system will be much more resistant to infections and illnesses.
Used as a course of treatment, consuming the daily dose indicated on the bottle will provide your body with more than 3 times the daily recommended amount of vitamin C.

It has been proven many times that what our grandparents and great-grandparents used as effective remedies in their daily lives, usually prove their “good reputation” and can indeed effectively cure our various diseases. This is the case with our latest product, whose beneficial effects can be enjoyed on several levels!
– Made from 100% rosehips, preserving the beneficial properties of rosehips
– containing naturally fermented fruit juice, unfiltered and unpasteurised, live vinegar culture
– with added high vitamin C content, several times the daily recommended intake of vitamin C


The product contains no preservatives, flavourings or flavour enhancers. No added sugar.Ingredients: rosehip fruit juice 100%, vitamin C.

Nutritional value/100ml: Energy 83kJ/20kcal, Fat 0g, of which saturated fatty acids 0g, Carbohydrate 4,9g, of which sugars 4,4g, Protein 0,2g, Salt 0g, Vitamin C 1550mg

The sedimentary, sometimes cloudy appearance of unfiltered fruit vinegar is called bacterial culture vinegar. It may have many health benefits due to the presence of several beneficial bacteria, enzymes and proteins.
.Contents of the Box:
– 4 bottles of unfiltered, unpasteurised rosehip fruit vinegar with live culture vinegar, vitamin C – 4 weekly or 1 monthly dose.
One product contains 175 ml of rosehip fruit vinegar, which is the equivalent of one week’s supply (research suggests that consuming 20-25ml of natural vinegar per day is recommended to support your health)

Daily doses are indicated on the side of the bottle. Drink a portion of each day in half a litre of water between meals during the day. Drink regularly, every day for at least a month.

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