Refreshing balsamic vinegar package, 4x500ml

14 Ft

More for less, refreshing delicious balsamic vinegars with 10% discount and free delivery!!

The package includes:

– – Pear and lavender balsamic vinegar, 500ml – 4490Ft

– Herbal balsamic vinegar, 500ml – 4190Ft

– Apricot elderflower balsamic vinegar, 500ml – 4190Ft

– Rosehip balsamic vinegar, 500ml – 4490Ft

Total instead of 17.360 Ft 15.624Ft!

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Contents of the package:

Pear and lavender balsamic vinegar: We love the way these two flavours blend together, so much more so together than separately. Pears are rich in vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system, and our exhausted bodies will thank you for it. And lavender is an excellent regenerative and relaxing agent.So versatile is this product that we can recommend it for seasoning top gourmet dishes, marinating meats, cheeses, but it also brightens up the simplest green salad (e.g. with arugula) and last but not least, it is a great favourite to drink diluted in water.

Herbal balsamic vinegar: We took this a step further by steeping various herbs in the vinegar. This has resulted in a really great balsamic vinegar, which can be an excellent addition to many immune-boosting cures. Elderflower can be beneficial for the normal functioning of our respiratory system. Lemon balm has a soothing effect and can also be effective in aiding digestion. Thyme is an anti-inflammatory, which can help treat sore throats and coughs, and is an immune booster.When these herbs are steeped in vinegar, their refreshing, succulent and distinctive flavours are enticing to all.Excellent used as a seasoning for salads, cheeses, meats. Recommended as a course of treatment, 1-2 tablespoons dissolved in water every morning.

Apricot elderflower balsamic vinegar: Like other drinking vinegars, apricot elderflower vinegar has a number of indispensable positive effects on our health. It’s a great appetite stimulant, but it’s also good for digestion. Feel free to enjoy it as a non-alcoholic aperitif!

Rosehip balsamic vinegar: Especially recommended with game meats, as a marinade or dressing. We would like to highlight its physiological effects. What our grandparents once used as folk remedies in everyday life generally justifies their “good reputation”. This is also the case with rosehip, whose beneficial effects have been confirmed by numerous studies.Used as a cure, they help the body to recover from a long winter that has taken its toll on both body and soul. What’s more, thanks to the countless minerals in rosehips, our immune system will be much more resistant to infections and diseases.

The products contain no preservatives, flavourings or flavour enhancers. They are sweetened with fruit must and contain no added sugar.

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