Spicy vinegars + Aszú balsamic vinegar package, 5x200ml

10810 Ft

More for less, spicy vinegars and aszú balsamic vinegar with 8% discount!

The package includes:

– Acetum Aurum Balsamic Vinegar, 200ml – 3590Ft

– Herbal Balsamic Vinegar, 200ml – 2490Ft

– Thyme herb vinegar, 200ml – 1890Ft

– Tarragon spice vinegar, 200ml – 1890Ft

– Rosemary red wine vinegar, 200ml – 1890Ft

Total instead of 11.750 Ft 10.810Ft!

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Contents of the package:

Acetum Aurum Aszú Balsamic Vinegar: High quality furmint wine vinegar is put on the aszú grapes for a long time. After oak barrel ageing, the result is a particularly fine balsamic vinegar, in which the velvety texture of the grape must is in perfect harmony with the characteristic character of the aszú. Very versatile, it is excellent with salads, meats, game, foie gras, aged cheeses and last but not least with cakes.

Herbal balsamic vinegar: Apple cider vinegar and wine vinegar alone have countless positive physiological effects. We’ve taken this a step further by steeping various herbs in the vinegar. This has resulted in a really great balsamic vinegar, which can be an excellent addition to many immune-boosting cures. Elderflower can be beneficial for the normal functioning of our respiratory system. Lemon balm has a soothing effect and can also be effective in aiding digestion. Thyme is an anti-inflammatory, which can help treat sore throats and coughs, and is an immune booster. When these herbs are steeped in vinegar, their refreshing, succulent and distinctive flavours are enticing to all. Excellent used as a seasoning for salads, cheeses, meats. Recommended as a course of treatment, 1-2 tablespoons dissolved in water every morning.

Spicy vinegar: made from high quality Tokaj Furmint, which brings the taste and smell of natural green spices along with the freshness of wine. A member of the thyme family, it is not only recommended for salads but is also an essential ingredient in meat marinades.

Spicy vinegar made from high-quality Tokaj Furmint, a speciality spicy vinegar that brings the flavour and aroma of natural green spices alongside the freshness of wine. A member of the tarragon family, it is not only recommended for salads, but is also a must for a tarragon casserole or any pickled dish.

Rosemary red wine vinegar: The uncrowned king of green spices, it has also been given a prominent role in the world of medicine. A speciality spiced vinegar made from high quality red wine, it brings the flavour and fragrance of natural green spices alongside the freshness of wine. A rosemary member of the spice family, its versatility will enchant everyone from soups to vegan dishes to salads.

The products contain no preservatives, flavourings or flavour enhancers.

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