The Sushi making set

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Sushi making set = everything you need to make sushi successfully in your home!

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To make sushi rice you need good sushi vinegar. In a first step, through careful product development, our own sushi vinegar was born! By soaking real kombu seaweed, adding enough salt, sweetening with mustard instead of sugar, just as the sushi rice demands, the rice seasoning is ready.

We didn’t stop there, because sushi vinegar is useless if you don’t know how to use it…

After consulting chefs, doing a lot of research, lots and lots of testing – and eating a lot of sushi, we’ve selected the best ingredients, essential to the Japanese miracle. We sourced the essentials and packed them into our favourite boxes. But even that wasn’t enough…

We accumulated so much knowledge in the process that we wrote our sushi book, which is a must-have in Hungary. We supplemented it with instruction cards that show you step by step, with pictures, how to make your own sushi in your own kitchen.


Contents of the sushi making set:

  • Ingredients: Sushi vinegar (200ml), Nori algae (10pcs sheets), Vinegar ginger pink (150g), Soy sauce Kikkoman (150ml), Sushi rice (1000g), Wasabi paste (43g), 2pcs green tea filters
  • Tools: 2 traditional bamboo sushi rollers, 1 plastic sushi filler (!bazuka, a sure success for beginners, available from us!), 4 chopsticks with canvas bag, 4 ceramic figurines with chopstick holders, sushi knife, bamboo rice spoon and scoop
  • Knowledge base: Sushi book, Sushi step by step guide cards

Take the challenge and make your own sushi at home!

Meditate alone… party with friends.


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