The beggining

Amikor az ötlet valóság lesz

The idea of Wine Vinegar Works was born in the mind of Ferenc Formanek in 2006. The entrepreneur, formerly a teacher, physicist and researcher, had been interested in the art of winemaking and viticulture since childhood, so when he moved to Bodrogkeresztúr he felt inspired to connect with the traditions of the Tokaj wine region.

Seeing and appreciating the traditions of Tokaj farmers, passed down through the generations, he felt that he could not add more to the values of the region with another winery. Instead, he began to explore a long-forgotten ancient tradition: wine vinegar making.

As fate would have it, while looking for a food engineer for his business, he also found the love of his life. Today, together with Anita Képíró, they run the Borecet Works, a unique company in Hungary that creates vinegars full of life from value.

It has been a long journey to the current Borecet Works, enriched with a lot of experiences and fantastic people.

We are grateful for all the support, the enthusiastic feedback and the love of our customers!

We believe in nature, most of our ingredients come from either our own farm or from local producers. 

We carefully choose which ingredients we use, as the beneficial nutritional value of grapes, apples and other juicy fruits are passed on to our vinegars.

Our ultimate goal is to give our customers an unparalleled taste experience that far exceeds any expectations they may have of vinegars!