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Acetania museum is closed now, because go Pandemic.

Látogass meg minket, és hagyd hogy magával ragadjon az élmény!

Museum visit

An experience tasting wait for all our dear visitors in our shop! During the tasting, pipette the delicious vinegars onto a small spoon. You can experience the fantastic harmony of different flavors as the acidity of vinegar blends into the intense world of fruit.


Museum visit

A unique vinegar museum, where you can see an exhibition of wine and vinegar making tools, a collection of vinegars from around the world, as well as videos, articles and recipes! Watch our professional short film to learn about the history, technology and beneficial physiological effects of vinegars.





Monday–Friday 8:00 – 16:00

Phone number in case of visiting in weekend:

+36 30 525 4049

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Magyarország egyetlen ecetmúzeuma

The Acetania Vinegar Museum was founded by the Association of Wine and Fruit Vinegar Producers with the aim of bringing back the values ​​of the tradition of Hungarian wine and fruit vinegar that was interrupted in the last century. We would like to present this ancient craft, its origin, scientific and cultural background, and vinegar making processes.

Our museum is located in the cellar of Vinegar Works in Bodrogkeresztúr, and in addition to its unique atmosphere, it not only contributes to the expansion of our gastronomic education, but also provides a special taste experience for visitors to the Tokaj Area.

In the museum, the past meets the present, spanning the dead years of the wine vinegar tradition. For our visitors, the latest technology helps to provide an insight into the rich history of wine vinegar and the exciting methods of its production.

It presents the diversity of vinegar ingredients, the richness of its application possibilities, and in addition, our guests can even taste the special fruity aroma of apple cider vinegar and wine vinegar, which provides an unforgettable experience.

Museum visit