Apple cider vinegar with mother, unfiltered, 1 monthly dose

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Unfiltered apple cider vinegar with live vinegar culture, 100% apples, from local producer, 1 monthly dose, 4x175ml

Recommended use: The product contains one monthly dose (4×175 ml). The daily doses are marked on the side of the bottle.

It is recommended to dilute one daily amount with 3-5 dl of water and consume it during the day.

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One of our most popular packs, this is a rich, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with a live culture of vinegar bacteria. Packaged in a stylish box with discount!

What does it mean apple cider vinegar bacteria culture?

The sedimentary, sometimes cloudy-looking unfiltered apple cider vinegar is called bacterial cider vinegar, also known as apple cider vinegar with “mother”. It is mostly drunk diluted in water, which can have a number of health benefits due to the presence of several beneficial bacteria, yeasts, enzymes and proteins.

After the hard work of double fermentation, the cider vinegar is given a well-deserved rest in barrels in our cellar. In a few months, the flavours will smooth out nicely and the necessary secondary fermentations will be completed. Once in the bottle, it preserves its flora and is ready to support your health!

Contents of the Box:
– 4 pcs unfiltered, unpasteurised apple cider vinegars with live vinegar culture – 4 weekly or 1 monthly dose.
One product contains 175 ml of apple cider vinegar, which is the equivalent of one weekly dose. /Research suggests that consuming 20-25ml of natural vinegar per day is recommended to support your health.

Daily doses are indicated on the side of the bottle. Drink a portion of each day in half a litre of water between meals during the day. Drink regularly, every day for at least a month.

Use the power of live apple cider vinegar, 100% apple, from a local producer!

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